Who Is John Roger Eggers?


Dr. John R. Eggers

The Adventures of Dr. John R. Eggers

Dr. John R. Eggers is fulfilling a life long dream of directing a variety of projects for his business, WOWTEACHING Creations, a venture devoted especially to helping all high school students graduate. He believes that the goal of education should be to graduate 100% of our students. He believes it can be done when parents, educators and the business community all work together for the same goal.

John founded Project Graduate several years ago. The intent of the program was to help students who are at-risk to graduate. The majority of students who were initially enrolled in the program graduated from high school and earned one college credit for their achievement. He is joining forces with Wells Academy in Bemidji to seek more support and funding to begin a Stay In School Center to help all students stay in school but with a special emphasis on helping Native American students graduate. To this end he has authored a three piece curriculum guide to help teachers.

Many of John’s projects center around one of his gifts and passions; public speaking. John is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader.  John has taught numerous workshops on public speaking and currently teaches  public speaking at Northwest Tech College in Bemidji, MInnesota. He has earned a Distinguished Toastmaster  award from International Toastmasters for his achievements in public speaking.

Education Adventures

John holds an undergraduate degree and three graduate degrees from Mankato State, Temple University, and the University of Northern Colorado including a doctor’s degree in educational change and innovation. He has toured schools in the former Soviet Union and he has also studied at Harvard.

Writing Adventures

During the past 20 years as columnist for the Bemidji Pionner newspaper, he has written more than 1100 articles pertaining to teaching, living, and learning as well as published 18 books. John’s most recent publications are: Hey, Kids, Create Your Own ABC Book; Don’t Pick Your Nose and 364 Other Things To Say to Your Kids Before They Leave For school; and 116 Things for Teachers To Say To Their Students To Help Them Stay In School.

Past Adventures

John began teaching in 1964 at All Saints School in Madison Lake, Minnesota. After 49 years, he is still teaching.

John was one of fourteen to be selected to develop sports programs as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uruguay where he coached basketball in five sports clubs, served as a camp counselor in an International YMCA camp and church camps and taught physical education at the Uruguayan American School.

His first public school experience involved teaching ESL at Pyne Poynt Junior High School in the inner city of Camden, New Jersey, where he also served as recreation director for North Camden. Following this experience, John and his wife, Kathy, taught at the Iranzamin International school in Teheran, Iran.

John obtained many of his ideas for innovative programs while teaching at Mankato Wilson Campus school, which, at the time, was under the direction of Dr. Don Glines and was considered to be the most innovative school in the United States.

John enjoys helping teachers grow. To this end, he supervised over 700 student teachers as a university professor for the University of Northern Iowa in the 1970′s and 1980′s. His nearly 50 years of teaching experience have taken place in Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Uruguay and Iran. Much of his experience has centered around creating innovative programs and teaching in alternative kinds of schools in culturally diverse settings such as the inner city of New Jersey and on Native American reservations. He has served as the first charter school director at the Naytauwasch Community Charter school in Naytauwasch, Minnesota.

From 1985-1992 John served as high school principal of Red Lake High School – the largest totally American Indian school in Minnesota. The school’s programs on two occasions won Governor Star awards for the most innovative programs in Minnesota. Among the most successful programs at Red Lake was the Four Winds Alternative School, which graduated over 90% of its students before he left in 1992. This was a significant achievement for American Indian schools. For the general student population, his staff helped increase the graduation rate by more than 30%.

John has led workshops in many states, served as a director of Future Studies in Colorado, directed a future problem solving program for the state of Iowa and participated in extensive principalship programs for the Blandin and Bush foundations. During the summer of 1996, John served as a volunteer for the summer Olympic games in Atlanta.

John has led workshops in many states while working for the Institute For Graduate Studies (IGS) based in Parker, Colorado. He directed its Center For Future Studies and continues to teach for IGS (www.attendigs.com) as an on-line instructor. John’s interest in the future led him to direct a future problem solving program for the state of Iowa and participated in extensive principalship programs for the Minnesota based Blandin and Bush foundations. During the summer of 1996, John served as a volunteer for the summer Olympic games in Atlanta.

John began teaching in 1964.
His interest in antiques led him to purchase
and sell John Wayne’s True Grit vest


John quest to capture a unique photograph is still unfulfilled but he feels he is getting close.



John and puppy, Simone.
There is nothing like the
unconditional love of a puppy.

Personal Data and Other Current Adventures

John Eggers - Edge of Woods antique shop and schoolhouse museum.

Dr. John Roger Eggers and Wife, Kathy

John met his wife, Kathy, in the Peace Corps and they were married in 1968 on the same day that Robert Kennedy declared his candidacy for president. They currently live north of Bemidij on Lake Julia, which, according to John, is the northern most source of the Mississippi. They have two children. Caroline is a youth director at First Lutheran in Bemidji and their son, John-Carlos, is a graduate of McNally-Smith Music School and plays for a band: Dawn of Valor.Besides teaching and writing, John enjoys photography, fishing, and buying and selling antiques. His hometown is Waterville, Minnesota—the Bullhead Capital of the World.Together with, Kathy, they try to live out the ideals of the Peace Corps, which is to help peace prevail on earth.