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Who makes the world go round?

Our world, your world, you make it go round.

  With Valentine’s Day approaching, I hate to put a damper on your thoughts but I don’t think that love alone makes the world go round? If you are reading this column, in all likelihood, you make the world go round because people who read newspapers, people who want to be informed and people who […]

Why should we invest in education?


Why Should We Invest In Schools? This may sound like a boring topic because no one likes to talk about spending more money for education. We’re probably all worn out. Pretty soon we will have an array of presidential candidates running for office. All of them will talk about education. Some will say we should […]

How do you say good-bye in Ojibwe?


How do you say good-bye in Ojibwe? How do you say “good-bye” in Ojibwe? Thanks to some dedicated people in town, we know how to say “hello” (Boozhoo), but how do you say good-bye? As you probably already know, there is no word for “good-bye” in Ojibwe. About the closest word would be, according to […]