Homeschooling Tips For Parents – Cope with Covid-19


As we all deal with Covid-19, parents are especially challenged as they homeschool their kids. We hope these thirdy-two tips will be helpful. Be sure to also follow any guidelines provided by your school district. 1. Develop a routine. Work it out with your kids. Stick to it. 2. Reward your kids when things get […]

Find First Day Teacher Success

The first day with kids is as important today as it was 100 years ago.

Find First Day Teacher Success Imagine a teacher sitting at his or her desk in a classroom that isn’t too much different than the classrooms you sat in. Oh, there may be a computer here or there but the furnishings are pretty much the same: teacher’s desk, students’ desks, clock, a chalkboard or wipe board […]

It’s time for women.

My friend, Fern, knew about the importance of women's rights.

It’s time for women There was a time when women were not allowed to teach school if they were married. Did you know that? There was a time when women were not supposed to work outside the home. There was a time when women could not vote and could not be elected public office. There […]

Who Wants To Be A Cop

I am wearing an original John Wayne vest. Cops deserve more respect than John Wayne.

Who wants to be a cop? Have you ever stopped to look inside a vacant one-room schoolhouse? I did on a recent trip to Moorhead. Usually the windows and doors are broken and the owners are just waiting for the entire building to collapse. This particular building in the Winger area still had the bell […]

Use It Or Lose It


You can use it or you can lose it Whenever I hear the phrase, “Use it or lose it” I think about losing brain cells. That is, if you don’t use your brain, your cells will dry up and you will lose some of your brain power. This is why I am an advocate for […]

Helping Native American Students Graduate


How To Help Native Americans Graduate Native American education has made gains but I was reminded how far it has to go in a recent article that appeared in the Minneapolis Star. It identified some of the schools in Minnesota that had horrific low percentages of Native students that graduate from high school. In Minneapolis, […]

Don’t Forget To Graduate

It is everyone's responsibility to remind kids to graduate.

Don’t Forget To Graduate If you enjoy interesting stories, you will enjoy this one. I was working at Gallery North a year ago last summer. My car was unlocked because I was loading and unloading photographs throughout the day. At closing time I went to my car and when I opened the door, I was […]

You Can Improve Your Public Speaking

wow book cover

You can be a better public speaker Public speaking can be painful and the goal of this article is make it less painful. It is intended for anyone who speaks in public, which includes everyone. You say, “Yes, but I never give presentations or speeches. I also never read aloud in public. So, why should […]

Let your brain help you get “A’s”


Listen to your brain to help you earn “A’s” Your mom and dad tell you what you need to do to get “A’s”. Your teachers tell you what you need to do to get “A’s”. Your friends tell you what you need to do to get “A’s”. They have good advice but probably the best […]

How Can You Help All Students Graduate

JC on Log

How can you help all kids graduate?  (Kids enter school with lots of challenges. It’s up to all of us to ensure that they stay on the right track, that they put one foot in front of the other and that we support their efforts and remind them that their number one goal is to […]