Been To A Powwow lately?


  Been to a Powwow lately? There was a time when if someone were to have asked me, “Have you ever danced at a powwow?” I would have said, “What’s a powwow?” Wouldn’t you think that someone coming from Minnesota would have at least a small amount of knowledge of Native American culture? The truth […]

The Legacy of Jerry Buckanaga and Innovative Indian Education


What is the legacy of Jerry Buckanaga? Minnesota can claim many firsts in education. One of the first consolidated school districts in Minnesota began in Saum in 1912. One of the first truly open campus schools was the Wilson Campus School at Mankato State College. The St. Paul Open School replicated many of Wilson’s programs […]

How To Fix Troubled Schools

Old School House

  How to Fix Troubled High Schools   We have lots of troubled high schools in the United States.  It’s too bad the piecemeal help these schools receive seldom fixes them.   Troubled schools are characterized by low graduation rates, high absenteeism, a transient student population, poor test scores and many staff changes. Leaders come […]

A dad’s four favorite words

John R. Eggers Profile Pic

What are a dad’s four favorite words to say? Unless you are a dad, you have no idea what it’s like to say, “I am a dad.” There is nothing that gives a dad more happiness. Yes, even better than the feeling you get when your kids move out… – See more at:

What is in your business tackle box?


Most fishermen believe in the philosophy that you can never have too many lures in your tackle box. That’s the way I lean because I have five tackle boxes. “Lean” probably isn’t the best word, “falling over” is better. Before, as in the olden days, fishermen didn’t have the extensive tackle boxes we have today […]

Who is holding your hand?

My friend, Fern, knew about the importance of women's rights.

I recently drove past a hitchhiker who was holding a very young girl on his shoulders and a second little girl by her hand. I assume they were his daughters. It was raining and none of the three were dressed for rain. I could tell they were not happy campers. I had a car full […]

How to watch a parade?


If you are a parade watcher I know how you can get more out of it. I have, at times, been critical of some parades. In recent years my attitude has changed. The change may have happened when I was squirted by one of those enormous squirt guns a few years ago. It woke me […]