Helping Kids Stay In School

14 things teachers can you do to help their students graduate

good eagle photo1. Be sure and remind students to stay in school and graduate, regardless of grade level.

2. Because the number one reason for high school students dropping out of school is lack of parental support, educators need to be relentless in their efforts to engage parents.

3. K-12 teachers can post their high school diploma on the wall and talk to students about their journey to graduation.

4. When students dedicate their class or school year to someone they care about, they are more likely to feel the class has more meaning.

5. Remind students that someone who has a high school diploma is more likely to live longer, earn significantly more money over a lifetime, is more likely to have children who will graduate, is less likely to use drugs, and is less likely to go to jail compared to someone who drops out of school.

6. Identify the special gifts of your students. Students who experience too much failure feel they do not have a gift(s). If students do not know their gifts, help them to discover one.

7. Talk about the relationship between culture and education. Knowing about one’s culture can be the foundation for success, it could be the X-Factor.

8. All students need to be reminded about how to go to school. Remind them again and again what it takes to be successful in school. Don’t assume they know.

9. Tell students about your educational career including your mistakes and success stories. Some of you may even be thinking, “If I made it anyone can make it.”.

10. Make an effort to get to know the student and greet all students daily. You shouldn’t be surprised what an impact just being noticed can have on someone.

11. Remind your students that they have the same potential to succeed as any other student.  We all have about the same number of brain cells.

12. If a student has few or no positive role models in his or her life, try to find a mentor for him or her. Maybe it could be you.

13. When a student has a number of absences, find out why. Be the first one to intervene.

14. Relentlessly encourage students to participate in events outside of the classroom.


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