This site is dedicated to helping Native American youth graduate from high school. Our goal is 100% graduation rate. Anything less is unacceptable.

Dr. John R. EggersMy name is Dr. John R. Eggers and as a teacher trainer of Native teachers, teacher of Native children, principal of Native Students and director of a Native Charter School, I realize that graduation from high school needs to be the number one goal for Native k-12 students.

My reason for opening this site is because no one else has done it. Maybe it will cause some organization which has more resources than I have to take it over. In the meantime, I will do my best to bring about an awareness that the drop-out rate among Native Americans is totally unacceptable.

I have taught for more than 40 years and I believe that when teachers practice the 12 teaching strategies mentioned below we are more likely to reach our goal of 100% graduation rate.

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These strategies are:

1. Get to know all of your students—well.
2. Put a WOW into all of your teaching.
3. Let the students know something about you.
4. Treat parents as a partner.
5. Encourage your students to dream dreams.
6. Project a positive attitude.
7. Challenge your students to a higher level.
8. Offer students options.
9. Teach your students about the brain and how it learns.
10. Laugh with your students.
11. Teach your students how to go to school.
12. Build trust among students.

In all of the above strategies, it is understood that the students culture is woven into all of the teaching. When these 12 strategies are practiced on a daily basis Native students are much more likely to graduate from high school. It fact, it is almost a guarantee.

The 12 strategies are outlined in detail in the books below, which also include a teacher’s guide and student guide. Contact John to order.

  • John Eggers – Let’s get 100% Native American graduation rate
  • John Eggers – Northern Minnesota

I am available for teacher in-service. I would be happy to explain and demonstrate the 12 strategies.

MinnesotaAlmost two hundred years ago, Native Americans living at Red Lake guided Count Beltrami to Lake Julia located in northern Minnesota. I live on Lake Julia (in the small bay on the right). The waters from Lake Julia flow north to the Hudson Bay. It has been my privilege to work with Native Americans throughout my teaching life and, like Count Beltrami, I owe them much for teaching me the value of culture and tradition and for showing me the way. I hope in some small way, by initiating this drop-out prevention center for Native Americans, I can return the good that they have done for me.

The Native American Culture Center is dedicated to my two Guatemalan born children, John-Carlos Enrique Eggers and Caroline Adela Eggers. Both are proud of their Guatemala Mayan roots and both have graduated from high school and from college. They, too, have helped with the growth of my culture awareness and a respect for diversity.



Initially, the Native American Culture Center can do several things.

  1. It can provide teachers with a resource on how to help Native students succeed in school.
  2. It can provide in-service training for teachers of Native children.
  3. It can provide facts and figures about why it is so important for Native children to graduate from high school.
  4. For those teachers interested in taking on-line graduate level classes for credit, it can also provide this service.


Contact Dr. John R. Eggers for more information, or to schedule a teacher in-service.